The best tamburitza orchestra of the ninth international tamburitza festival “Tamburitza Fest 2016″, which hosted 10 orchestras from seven countries in its competition part from 21 to 25 June, is the Novi Sad-based ensemble “Zorule”. This is the decision of the professional jury of this year’s festival composed of professor Franjo Batorek (Croatia), Spomenko Guzijan (Serbian Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Danilo Ninković (Serbia). The main festival prize was given to Zoran Bugarski, the leader of the ensemble “Zorule”, who is voted the best prim (tamburitza) player as well. The prize was presented by Jovan Pejčić PhD, the Festival Director. Jozef Kovac from Hungary, the member of “Mohács” ensamble, is the best bas-prim (tamburitza) player while Mario Sesvečan of Croatian orchestra “Uspomena” is the best begeš (contrabass) player. The best new song “Lud za tobom” was performed by the Serbian orchestra “Tajna” and the best vocalist is Stjepan Fortuna from the Austrian band “Gradištanci”. Awards for artistic expression and keeping tradition were given to “Zlatna suza” (Romania) and “Banjalučki merak” (Serbian Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina), while the audience award went to the orchestra “Garavi” (Croatia). The orchestra “Sremska banda” (Serbia) was awarded by journalists.


The eighth international tamburitza festival, “Tamburica Fest 2015″, was marked by the performance of Šil dil daj, the orchestra from Croatia, which won the best tamburitza band award. The winners were presented with the award by Jovan Pejčić PhD, the President of the World Tamburitza Association and the creator of the festival.

The award for the best prim (tamburitza) player also went to the orchestra Šil dil daj, that is, to their most distinguished member Dane Meseljević who was presented with the award by Mile Dragić, the President of the company which is the general sponsor of the festival.

The best begeš (contrabass) player was Filip Ćosić, (Za našu dušu), and the most beautiful new song was performed by the City Tamburica Orchestra Banja Luka.

The best vocalist was Nino Veličkovski, the singer of Kumanovski Tamburaši from Macedonia, while the award for besti nterpretation was given to the tamburitza players from Hungary, Bonderšaj. The orchestra Banat from Hungary was awarded for keeping the tamburitza tradition and the media award was given to the ladies’ tamburitza orchestra Ruž from Croatia while the audience award went to the City Tamburica Orchestra Banja Luka.


The jury’s decision was that the winner of this year’s masters of pen and strings’ festival, was the orchestra Vojvođanski san from Pančevo, and they were presented with the main festival award by Jovan Pejčić PhD, the head of the organizing committee of “Tamburica Fest”.
The most beautiful song was written and performed by the ladies’ orchestra La banda from Novi Sad, which also took the title of the most beautiful ensemble at the festival, while Ana Mihaljević, the prim (tamburitza) player of the orchestra Dunavkinje from Mohácz (Hungary) was the best prim (tamburitza) player. The best vocalist was Aleksandra Radović, who performed with the orchestra Kozarski biser from the Serb Republic.
The jury award for best interpretation, artistic expression and tradition keeping was given to the orchestras: Tamburjaši from Slovenia, Taslidža from Montenegro and Đuvegije from Sombor (Serbia). The special jury award went to Savski valovi from Croatia and La Banda from Novi Sad (Serbia).

2013 – Tamburica in Deronje

Tamburitza assembly was held in Deronje on August 30th and 31st 2013. with participation of 11 orchestars in competition, luxuriant revial program and with a lot interesting additional perfomances in front of more than 30000 people from country and region.

On this uniq review the winer was domestic group, well known orchestar “Bice skoro propast sveta“ and they get a right to participate on World tamburitza festival „Tamburica fest 2014“ on Petrovaradin fortress.


Beside great atmosphere, VI World Tamburica fest was hold on June 28th and 29th on Petrovaradin fortress, was marked with Zvonko Bogdan and Halid Beslic performances and a numerous of public.

The winner of the Festival is tamburitza orchestra “Biseri” Subotica, the best vocal soloist is “Tuzlanski tamburasi” singer and the best beges player is a member of the winning orchestra “Biseri” Subotica, Ante Crnkovic.  The best prim musician and the best bas-prime musician are members of Croatian orchestras “Ringispil” and “Pleter”.

Public award win tamburitza orchestra “Ringispil” from Croatia, tamburitza orchestra “Staro vino” from Montenegro win media jury award and tamburitza orchestra “Mesecina” Sombor win award for the best new song. The winner of special award for tamburitza tradition tending was tamburitza orchestra “Tamburasi” Baja, Hungary and special award for artistic expression wined tamburitza orchestra “Mladi tamburasi sa Vrbasa” Banja Luka. Tamburitza orchestra “Belo Romlje” Novi Sad wined award for the best interpretation.

The public had an opportunity to enjoyed performance of Great Russian orchestra, Cebljanski.

The members of expert jury were prof. Franjo Batorek , prof. mr Zoran Mulić, Ferenc Kovač , dr Mark Fory and Miro Marinković.


V World Tamburica fest was hold on from June 15th to June 17th on Petrovaradin fortress. Tamburitza orchestra from region, USA, Russia, Italy, Greece and Austria were having performance’s and guests were Estrada stars Zeljko Joksimovic, Jelena Rozga, Zvonko Bogdan and Apsolutno romanticno. Tamburitza orchestra “Hrvatski dom Wels” Austria, “Batini becari” Romania, “Tasluda” Montenegro, “Iz Cirkulan” Slovenia win avowals for contribution to festival program. Media jury award wined “Banjalucki tamburasi” BiH, public award wined “Lola” Belgrade, special award for tamburitza tradition tending wined “Tamburasi” Begec, special award for artistic expression wined “Savski valovi” Croatia, award for the best vocal soloist wined Trajko Jordanovski from Macedonia, award for the best beges player wined Igor Cosic,  tamburitza orchestra “Veseli tamburasi” Novi Sad, the best bas-prim player was Branko Kutuzov tamburitza orchestra “Hajo”Subotica, the best prim player was Franjo Jusbasic tamburitza orchestra “Kristali” Croatia and the best orchestra was  “Hajo”Subotica.


IV World Tamburica fest was hold on from July 1st to July 3th in Deronje. For title of the best tamburitza orchestra competed 11 orchestras from 9 countries and participate 30 orchestras in additional program. The best bas-prime musician was Dejan Radovic tamburitza orchestra “Romansa”, the best prime musician was Zoltan Vilzari tamburitza orchestra “Vizin” Hungary, and tamburitza orchestra “Sjenke” Resetar wined special award and award for the most beautiful song “Dusa cigana”. The best soloist was Esad Menic  tamburitza orchestra “Gradski tamburaski orkestar” Pljevlja, tamburitza orchestra “Tamburijasi” Vipava, Slovenia wined special public award and tamburitza orchestra “Pozeski tamburasi” Croatia wined award for interpretation. Guests were members of the orchestra “Veliki tamburaski orkestar Radio televizije Vojvodine”, Saban Saulic, Denan Loncarevic and Zvonko Bogdan.


The best tamburitza orchestra was “Varazdinski tamburaski orkestar”, the best prim player was Tamas Balog from Hungary, the best bas-prim was Branko Jovanovic Bako from Austria, most beautiful new song played “Garavusa” Croatia. Public jury award wined “Banjalucki gradski tamburaski orkestar”, media jury special award wined “Batini tamburasi ” Romania and special award for artistic expression wined “Tamburasi sa Dunava” Zemun, Serbia.


More than 90000 guests for 3 days and 3 nights enjoyed in tamburitza music in Deronje as never before. Tamburitya players played, sometimes just for somebody ear, sometimes on a table, but always in a good mood.

President of  international jury was one of the best proficient of the ethno music, Predrag Cune Gojkovic and  members were Viara Grancarova, ethno music professor on Sofia music academy; Mihael Feric from Croatia, author of many course books; professor and composer Mico Miranovic, Tamburica festival Bijelo Polje director and Budimir Stojanovic, music professor and bandmaster from Pancevo.

The best tamburitza orchestra was “Diako” Croatia, the best author song “O tamburo sviraj sviraj” played by orchestra “Javor” Ruma and the best instrumental player was Edin Nalovic, prim musician of the tamburitza orchestra “Tuzlanski tamburasi”.

Also, as a special guest of the „Tamburica fest 2009“ group Legende, Ana Bekuta and Zvonko Bogdan  performed a concerts.


First World tamburitza festival „Tamburica fest“ was performed in Deronje village from June 27th to June 29th 2008. Rade Serbedija opened a festival, then Olivera Katarina singed a song “Delem, delem”  and remembered public on old times when cult film “Sakupljaci perja” was recorded. Haris Dinovic performed a concert on first festival day and public was enchanted.  On Saturday and Sunday tamburitza orchestra from Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and USA performed  a concert and after competition program public enjoyed in concerts of group “Odila” and Luis.

The winners were: the best orchestra “Ravnica” Subotica, the best prim player was Zoran Bugarski Brica from tamburitza orchestra “Zorule”, the best author composition was played by tamburitza orchestra “Bice skoro propast sveta” Deronje.