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The Organizing Committee of the World “Tamburica Fest” announces


“Tamburica Mondovision”, Selection of the Most Beautiful New Song 2023 – International Program

Terms and conditions of the competition:

1. All interested persons, composers and songwriters from all over the world have the right to participate in the competition for the selection of the most beautiful new song of 2023, with the same person being the author or co-author of not more than two songs. Members of the Competition Committee or members of the Organizing Committee of the Festival may not participate in the competition.

2. The songs submitted to the competition must be original and must not have been previously promoted or published. It is allowed to submit songs that are composed for existing lyrics, i.e. for an already published work in the field of poetry, provided that the author of the lyrics or his/her successors have given their consent and that the same lyrics have not already been used for composing and publishing musical works. The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the information regarding the musical composition and its co-authors.

3. Musical compositions should be sent in the format of a studio or demo recording, or musical notation and textual recordings lasting up to four minutes, to the e-mail address [email protected]. The competition is open from the day of its publication on the website until 01/03/2023. Applications submitted to the competition will not be returned, and the applicant has no right to withdraw the submitted songs.

4. From the submitted applications, the Competition Committee will select 12 musical compositions that will be recorded on the Festival’s sound recording medium and performed at the Festival. All the selected songs will be performed accompanied by the Festival’s tamburitza orchestra with arrangements for tamburitza orchestra. Arrangers are exclusively chosen by the Music Production of “Tamburica Fest”. The applicant and/or the composer and the lyricist may propose a vocal soloist for the song, and the final decision on the vocal soloist will be made by the Organizing Committee of the Festival.

5. By submitting an application to the competition, the applicant agrees that the selected works may be performed publicly for the first time at the Festival, broadcasted on radio and television programs using all known modes of broadcasting, rebroadcasted, publicly announced via the Internet, made interactively available, recorded, reproduced and marketed, regardless of the methods of reproduction and marketing, recorded on audio media and/or audio/video media, reproduced and marketed without restrictions on the number of copies.

Should you need any additional clarifications or information, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone on +381 63 660 125