Beside great atmosphere, VI World Tamburica fest was hold on June 28th and 29th on Petrovaradin fortress, was marked with Zvonko Bogdan and Halid Beslic performances and a numerous of public.

The winner of the Festival is tamburitza orchestra “Biseri” Subotica, the best vocal soloist is “Tuzlanski tamburasi” singer and the best beges player is a member of the winning orchestra “Biseri” Subotica, Ante Crnkovic.  The best prim musician and the best bas-prime musician are members of Croatian orchestras “Ringispil” and “Pleter”.

Public award win tamburitza orchestra “Ringispil” from Croatia, tamburitza orchestra “Staro vino” from Montenegro win media jury award and tamburitza orchestra “Mesecina” Sombor win award for the best new song. The winner of special award for tamburitza tradition tending was tamburitza orchestra “Tamburasi” Baja, Hungary and special award for artistic expression wined tamburitza orchestra “Mladi tamburasi sa Vrbasa” Banja Luka. Tamburitza orchestra “Belo Romlje” Novi Sad wined award for the best interpretation.

The public had an opportunity to enjoyed performance of Great Russian orchestra, Cebljanski.

The members of expert jury were prof. Franjo Batorek , prof. mr Zoran Mulić, Ferenc Kovač , dr Mark Fory and Miro Marinković.