IV World Tamburica fest was hold on from July 1st to July 3th in Deronje. For title of the best tamburitza orchestra competed 11 orchestras from 9 countries and participate 30 orchestras in additional program. The best bas-prime musician was Dejan Radovic tamburitza orchestra “Romansa”, the best prime musician was Zoltan Vilzari tamburitza orchestra “Vizin” Hungary, and tamburitza orchestra “Sjenke” Resetar wined special award and award for the most beautiful song “Dusa cigana”. The best soloist was Esad Menic  tamburitza orchestra “Gradski tamburaski orkestar” Pljevlja, tamburitza orchestra “Tamburijasi” Vipava, Slovenia wined special public award and tamburitza orchestra “Pozeski tamburasi” Croatia wined award for interpretation. Guests were members of the orchestra “Veliki tamburaski orkestar Radio televizije Vojvodine”, Saban Saulic, Denan Loncarevic and Zvonko Bogdan.