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About Festival

About Festival

International tamburitza festival “Tamburica Fest” is held at Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad as a 3 day festival with unique concept and cultural mission to promote tamburitza music and present tambouritza as instrument, also to cherish tradition, cooperation and artist frendship on internation level. Every year orchestras from Serbia and abroad are competing in competition  part of festival while in non competitie selection there will be apperances of well known artists accompanying by tamburitza orchestras. Introduction festival day by tradicion is held in main city square “Trg slobode” in Novi Sad. Introduction day of festival is starting of with special coach parade throughout city streets followed with performances of ethno troupes, tamburitza bands. Second and third festival day are held on Petrovaradin fortress where tamburitza bands will present skills and knowledge  in playing of traditional, authoring song, new compositions also there will be performance of well known interpreters. Special guests are led by legendary Zvonko Bogdan in performance part.

“Tamburica fest” was found in 2008 year when was the first ever international gathering of tamburitza artists in lovable vilage Deronje on north of Backa. After four years festival was moved to Petrovaradin fortres because of organizational reasons, in 2013. in same time there was a gathering of tamburitza bands from Serbia in Deronje. In past thirteen years on our festival performed more than 5000 artists and the way that we hosted them, with our hospitality and how sent them off to home we made 5000 new friends. Thanks to knowledge of artists of pen and string several thousand people enjoyed on our festival. Also on festival performed more then 50 well known artist like Olivera Katarina, Rade Šerbedžija, Zvonko Bogdan, Haris Džinović, Miroslav Ilić, Šaban Šaulić, Jelena Rozga, Merima Njegomir, Željko Joksimović, Dženan Lončarević, Ana Bekuta, Luis, Marinko i Nikola Rokvić, Aca Lukas, Halid Bešlić, Predrag Cune Gojković, Ognjen Radivojević, Danka Ubiparip, Đorđe Čavić, “O Đila”, “Legende”, “Apsolutno romantično”, Željko Bebek, Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović, Željko Samardžić,…

Thanks to “Tamburica Fest” there was formed World tamburitza association, this association is made for all worlds tamburitza artist and its main office is in Novi Sad

After four years in Deronje, in 2012, the Festival “moved” to the Petrovaradin Fortress for organizational reasons, and in 2013, in addition to the international competition in Petrovaradin, a tamburitza festival of local bands was held.

For the previous thirteen years, more than 5000 participants performed at our festival, and the way we welcomed them and saw them off, with hospitality, we gained 5000 new friends. Hundreds of thousands of visitors enjoyed the skills of the master of feathers and wire during the encore. Also, in six years, more than 80 celebrities of pop stars performed at the Festival, such as Olivera Katarina, Rade Šerbedžija, Zvonko Bogdan, Haris Džinović, Miroslav Ilić, Šaban Šjuli Bekuta, Luis, Marinko and Nikola Rokvić, Aca Lukas, Halid Bešlić , Predrag Cune Gojković, Ognjen Radivojević, Danka Ubiparip, Đorđe Čavić, “O đila”, “Legende”, “Absolutely Romantic”, Željovn Samardžić…

As part of the “Tamburica Fest”, the World Tamburitza Association was formed, an association of all tamburitza players in the world with its headquarters in Novi Sad.

Members of the organizing committee

Director of the Tamburitza Fest and President of the World Tamburitza Association

Dr Jovan Pejčić

Artistic Manager

Jovan Travica

Music Editor

Danilo Ninković

Technical Director

Saša Krajnović

Director of Marketing and PR

Jelena Pejčić

Administrative Officer

Mirjana Repajić

International Relations

Jovana Pejčić

Art Director

Mario Leš

Security Advisor

Milenko Osmajić

Technical Support

Aleksandar Žderić

Member of the Organizing Committee

Igor Pejčić