The 12th World Tamburitza Fest, the best ethno music festival in Europe and the best trust event in Serbia, ended with the concert of Lepa Brena at the Petrovaradin Fortress, which lasted until two o’clock on Sunday morning, despite rain, thunder and lightning. which has featured more than 700 performers from eight countries since Thursday, June 20th.
This year’s festival was marked by competitions in three categories, so according to the five-member international jury in the competition of small tamburitza orchestras, the ensemble “Opus” from Novi Sad won, whose vocal soloist Robert Hip was named the best singer. Gergelj Požgai from the Hungarian orchestra “Fermata” was awarded for the best prim, Antonija Okreša from the Croatian band “Alegro” for the bass prim and Darko Jovanović from the orchestra “Grbini marijači” was the best begeš player.
The Subotica Tamburitza Orchestra won the first prize in the category of large tamburitza ensembles, the second place went to the orchestra of the Alberta Štriga Music School from Croatia and the third to the RKUD Pelagić Orchestra “Marko Popović” RSBiH.
In the selection for the most beautiful new song, which was held for the first time at the “Tamburica Fest” in the competition of 11 famous singers, the “Chard” by Ana Veselinović won, performed by Slavko Banjac and won the first prize for interpretation. The second prize for interpretation was won by Dušan Svilar for “Svu noć pod čergom” by Jovan Adamov, and the third prize went to Đorđe Čavić for the composition “Ruža panonska” and Renato Henc for the interpretation “Žalim duše”. The award for the best text went to Petar Medved for the song “Vreme je za nas”.
The revial part of the festival, which this year was a friendly country of Hungary, took place in great performances by virtuosos, soloist of the 100 Violin Orchestra, “Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra”, from our northern neighbors, and the orchestra of folk instruments “Zlatni potok” from the Republic Komi, the Russian Federation, but also future tamburitza masters, 105 boys and girls from the region gathered around the music camp “Tamburitza Bridges of Friendship”.
Jovan Pejčić, director of “Tamburica Fest”, presented a plaque to the honorary consul of the Italian Embassy, ​​Carmina Tarala, at the ceremony of awarding the festival awards, since next year the country friendly to the festival will be Italy.