Tamburica fest and RTV Vojvodina are taping a promo tv video

Tamburica fest and rtv vojvodina will film a Tv video for multiple usage such as ,for the promotion of the most unique tamburitza festival on the globe ,as well as a support for the city Novi Sad which is a candidate for the European capital of culture for the year of 2021 ,as well for representing the potentials of tourism of the city Novi Sad.
In the interview with Dr Jovan Pejcic,the chairman of the Organizational board ,Jovan Adamov the Arts director ,Danilo Ninkovic the music editor and Dina Vranesevic the member of the board ,the press confirmed that the location where the Tv video will be taken will be the Petrovaradin fortress and as well in the most known and recognized city parts of Novi Sad with the participation of more than 100 tamburasha,100 members of mixed choirs and even 50 classical dancers .
The video is scheduled to be
Filmed in the beginning of May,and the tamburasi will arrive from all over the world .-declares Dr Jovan Pejcic ,president of organizational board Tamburica Fest.
“Besides our Petrovaradin fortress,we will film on the most monumental locations in the city which some of them are Matica srpska,square of Liberty (trg slobode),katolicke porte,etc…The concept will be based actually on two videos , with the accent on traditional sounds and outstanding skills of tamboura musicians and the classics off course ,such as the Greatly famous Composition “the beautiful blue danube ” by Strauss,created on our very own soil in the province of Futog ,during the compositors stay.followed by the Tamboura ofcourse .
Alongside with “majstore pera i zice” numbers of choirs and dancers from novi sad will be participants in different portraying destinations of the city Novi Sad .
The festival Tamburica fest has a greater purpose ,which is to promote the city ,making it better know and recognized trough the festival which is gathering the most known tambourine players worldwide over the past 9years and counting ,says jovan adamov,the Arts director of Tamburica fest.
This year the Tamburica festival will hold the dates from the 23rd till 25th of Jun on the petrovaradin fortress ,representing the beautiful harmony of 10orchestras from 8 different countries ,which is record till date.
During the competitions of great Tambourine instruments ,the revial (nznm kako se kaze revialno)part of the festival is reserved for our famous singers from the domestic music industry.
“I belive that the experience will be exquisite,carefully chosen quality performers” comments Adamov.
Danilo Ninkovic, Arts director of the festival took great care with highly noting about the artistic imprint, to keep and represent the true spirit of the festival .

“Considering that we are Holding the responsibility to be an event that represents the artistic,cultural and touristic picture of promoting the city ,the choice of our performers is more than excellent!
The opening day of the festival is 23of Jun on the Square Of Liberty Where all the fans of the harmonious sounds are warmly welcome ,and the following days 24th and 25th of jun continues On the petrovaradin fortress ” says Ninkovic