Significant recognition of the provincial government for the tamburitza music festival


WORLD “Tamburica Fest”, the only cultural event that has been uniting all types of artistic expression for 14 years, is one of the winners of special awards of the Provincial Government, “The Best of Vojvodina”. Igor Mirović, Prime Minister of the Provincial Government, presented a significant recognition to Dr. Jovan Pejčić, founder and director of “Tamburica Fest”, who emphasised that the quality label is an award to all those who reach and prestige not only domestic but also European standards.

The founder and director of “Tamburica Fest”, Dr. Jovan Pejčić, pointed out that the award, which includes confirmation of quality in the category of events, is an additional motive for his organizational team.

– We are especially proud of the “Best of Vojvodina” award of the Provincial Government, given that we nurture the tradition of tamburitza characteristic of our region, because tamburitza music is part of our cultural identity – said Pejčić, director of “Tamburica Fest” which also was awarded with the title “Best Tourist Event in Serbia” by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia – said Pejčić.