Shooting of the promotional video for RTV Vojvodina and “Tamburica Fest”


Today, on7 June, the shooting of the video for RTV Vojvodina and “Tamburica Fest” has begun at the Petrovaradin Fortress. The video is being made to promote the unique tamburitza festival, support the candidacy of Novi Sad for the European Capital of Culture 2021, as well as to present the tourist potential of the city. More than a hundred tamburitza players, 100 members of a mixed choir and 50 dance couples and members of cultural and artistic societies played, sang and danced to Strauss’”On the Beautiful Blue Danube” and the great tamburitza hits, which created a spectacular scene in front of the Clock Tower.

– It is really a wonderful feeling to play in front of the famous Clock Tower and to play one of the most beautiful compositions for the tambura, “On the Beautiful Blue Danube” – says Saša Šćitaroci- Obad, a tambura player.

Jadranka Gojić, PR coordinator of the “Tamburica fest” emphasizes that the organizers are delighted by the enthusiastic response of tamburitza players, who showed love for art and understanding of the importance of keeping tradition, as they did many times before.

-The atmosphere is beautiful and the result will certainly be the best one. This shooting is actually the most beautiful introduction to the upcoming festival days, starting on June 21, in the streets of Novi Sad with tamburitza players and running until 25 June at the Petrovaradin Fortress- said Gojić.

This year’s festival, the ninth international tamburitza festival, will be held from 21 to 25 June in Novi Sad and at the Petrovaradin Fortress with the participation of 10 tamburitza bands from seven countries in the competition part of the festival while the popular singers ZvonkoBogdan, Halid Bešlić and Zoran Kalezić will perform in the exhibition part along with the orchestra “Dyaco” …