„Tamburica fest 2015“, eight world tamburitza festival, will be held on 25. to 27. June on Petrovaradin fortress with 11 tamburitza orchestras from seven countries in the competitors part, and stars Zvonko Bogdan, Željko Bebek and Željko Samardžić in the revue part of the program and special guests from Moscow philharmonic and famous tamburitza players and vocal solists. First day of the festival will begin on Thursday, 25 of June on the Sloboda square in the center of Novi Sad, and festival of cultural and artistic ensembles and performance of tamburitza orchestra „Mesečina“. Entrance will be free for the whole night. Second night of the festival, on Friday the 26th on Petrovaradin fortress, six competing orchestras will be in revue part of the program, performers will be tamburitza orchestra „La banda“, Đorđe Čavić and Zvonko Bogdan. On the end of the second day will be a concert of Željko Bebek. On the final night, on Saturday 27th of June, also on main stage on Petrovaradin fortress, will be 5 orchestras competing, and after that will be a concert of young virtuosos from Russia and concert of Željko Samarđić with tamburitza orchestra „Ad libitum“. On the 26th and 27th of June the entrance on Petrovaradin fortress will be charged 300,00 RSD. With three bought tickets the fourth one is free. Tickets sales will start on the 5th of June on Gigstrix ticket shops and on