Help to flood victims

Humanitarian fond “Tamburica fest”, as separate segment of complete festival organization, from the beginning helps whenever and wherever is necessary. In May 2014 humanitarian fond “Tamburica fest” donated 400 000 dinars for flooding territories. Also, Board of directors and many members of World tamburitza festival in Novi Sad Red cross deliver wardrobe, food, water … Jovan Pejcic, “Tamburica fest” Organizing committee president said – We bowels with people on flooding territories as all citizens of Serbia and we would like to help people, they know they are not alone. Of course, we will continue to help in all our capacity. In general, humanitarian fond “Tamburica fest” had a numerous of humanitarian activities, starting from year 2008 and 2009 – donation to Deronje village, infrastructural projects; Cirilo i Metodije church in Novi Sad; help to Milan Ponjigera …


“Tamburica fest” organization board donated with 800 000 dinars Children’s village Sremska Kamenica  in year 2013. for children without parents care. Children in Children’s village in that moment needed money for holidays so “Tamburica fest”  Organizing committee president Jovan Pejcic ensure to children holidays on sea.

Milena Vasic Stupar, Children’s  village Sremska Kamenica general manager on this event said – Money that is donated to us by  “Tamburica fest” glades children because now they can spend holidays on sea and we will ensure them necessary wardrobe.

Thanks to World tamburitza festival donation well known clock – tower on Petrovaradin fortress was renovated. Unique clock – tower, small hand shows minutes and big hand shows hour from October 2013 shows time to Novi Sad, Petrovaradin citizens and guests. After two months works reconstruction of famous clock was finished.

As Milanka Brkic said “Tamburica fest” organization board showed awareness how much is important to invest in community.

Charity fund

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